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Delaney Taylor

It all started on one lucky day November sixth, 2002 to be exact when i was born to the luckiest people alive Brett and Denise taylor. I was definitely not a easy baby because I never wanted to sleep. Then when I was three my sister was born Whitney Taylor, was born April 19, 2005. We are normal sister we fight, we hug and we love each other.In 2008 I started karate i have been doing it ever since. I am a red belt. In 2012

we got chickens and my house became a farm. Spring of 2013 were got more chicken and we tried ducks and the smell REALLY bad!!! We now have 30 pets at my house it’s like living in a ZOO!!! Now i’m in fifth grade and really like my teachers.

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Peace Love Bubbles

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This is my website about learning hope you have fun!!!!!

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