Friday Focus

September 11, 2020

Kids Need a Champion

When I was an Instructional Facilitator, I started listening to lots of podcasts and TED Talks. One of the speakers that I listened to last year and again yesterday was Rita Pierson. WOW! If you ever get a chance to listen to is worth the minutes. Her talk focuses on Kids Need a Champion. The talk evn goes deeper to say that kids deserve a champion.

That advice resonated with me as I thought about our world-the changes, the uncertainty, and the unrest. Times are hard - you've seen the 2020 memes and gifs. We as adults are trying to get through and sometimes laughing at those memes and gifs to help with stress. But, how are kids handling everything? Now, more than ever, Kids Need a Champion.

Think about each of the students in your class or each of the students you work with during the day. Which ones seem to need YOU more than the others? That's right....there are kids that need YOU. Right now, you are a symbol of consistency, compassion, and courage. YOU are a Champion! I know it seems hard to remember that when there are so many things on your plate. But, try to take a moment and reflect on how truly important YOU are. YOU matter! YOU make a difference! YOU are the lighthouse!

I value you, and WDS students need you.

Together we can.

Together we will.

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PTO Sign-Up

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Payday Snacks

*Please do NOT feel like you need to sign up on the 20-21 Committees document for payday snacks.

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*If you signed up accidentally, please do not feel like you have to provide the snacks. The office can cover the GT as much as needed.

Mark Your Calendars

September 16-24 - Online Book Fair

September 20 - Pick-A-Time Scheduler Closes (11:59)

September 21 - Send home Mid-Quarters, MAP information, and/or IRIPS so families can look at document during conferences

September 22 - 2:06 Dismissal

Parent-Teacher Conferences (3:00-7:00) -Oscars individual pizzas for dinner

September 23 - Remote Learner PIck Up (9:00-11:00) Please let me know if your grade level has materials

2:06 Dismissal

Parent-Teacher Conferences (3:00-7:00) -FOOD TRUCK for dinner (The Laughing Boar BBQ)

September 24 - NO SCHOOL


September 25 - NO SCHOOL

Important Reminders

*Start your Safe Schools trainings in order to have them completed by Oct. 1

*Please submit your attendance for this week's Remote Learners to Chelsea on Monday

*Please send me your individual or team lesson schedule/plans for the week (or save them in the folder on the staff site-on the curriculum and instruction page)

Teacher Appreciation from Eat Fit Go

The link below is some information about a partnership with Eat Fit Go.

Friday Funny

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You read all the way to the bottom!

Congrats to last week's winner: Katie Trout

*Why was Donald Duck banned in Finland? He doesn't wear pants.

*How many bricks in the Empire Station Building? The Empire State Building is composed of 60,000 tons of steel, 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone and granite, 10 million bricks, and 730 tons of aluminum and stainless steel.

Here are two trivia questions for the week.

1.What was the original use for Bubble Wrap?

2. Why is only one tiger shark born to a mother each time?

*The FIRST person to email me BOTH correct answers will earn a "prize."