Learning from easy to hard


Most of you Minecrafters are familiar with the mineral Redstone. Redstone is a slightly common mineral to find in survival mode. But once you have enough supplys (or you're playing in creative) then you can build some pretty cool Redstone devices.

Redstone masters

There are tons of Redstone masters. A Redstone master is someone who makes tons of awesome Redstone devices. Some make tutorials and one of my favorite Redstone masters is CNB Minecraft. There are some of his videos below.
Building The Batcave: Episode 1 [CNB's World of Redstone]
Building the Batcave: Episode 1.5 [CNB's World of Redstone]
Building the Batcave: Episode 2 [CNB's World of Redstone]
Building The Batcave: Episode 3, Potion Room, Living Quarters, Piston Clock!
Building the Batcave: Episode 4, Dispenser Armoury/Storage Facility [CNB's World of Redstone]

Color Codes


Whenever you're working with Redstone you'll want to label different wire colors of it could be confusing. Building the Batcave episode 2 gives you a good example of color coding.

Redstone games

Here are some examples of another awesome type of Redstone devices. That's right, they're Redstone Mini Games!!!
Minecraft - Super Pong (Featuring AI, Multiplayer and Score) + Download