Lady Macbeth

The Mastermind

About the Story

Macbeth gets three predictions saying he is the thane of Glamis, Will be Thane of Cawdor, and will be the king. Lady Macbeth makes a plan to kill the king so Macbeth would become the king, and forces Macbeth to do it. Macbeth kills more people to maintain kingship; Macbeth ends up headless at the end of the story. So do you think Lady Macbeth is a wife, or a puppet master.


The story was an emotianal rollercoaster.

It was an emotianal rollercoaster because at one point you would think Macbeth is a modest guy, and at another point you would think he was a coward. For example, when Macbeth was told by Lady Macbeth that he would kill King Duncan he said no with great strength because King Duncan had been nice to Macbeth for all these years. Then, later when Lady Macbeth accused him of not being a man, he said he would do it. That is why this story kept me on the edge of my seat.

Nick Piedimonte Per. 5

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