Get a Mr. Ir !

Mr. Ir is going on a not-so-fun camping trip. He's acting erudite about camping but honestly, he knows nothing about it. It's his last time to go on any kind of trip before he gets sold off to anyone who would be interested in taking care of his small, fresh self. A Mr. Ir can do pretty much anything, but if he does do something, it's not very productive, so that's why he needs someone to take care of him. The one special thing a Mr.Ir can do is cook mediocre food. If someone were to compare a Mr. Ir to an object, it would be a poster because a poster is useless and can't do anything. If you're interested in taking care of someone for the good of it, you should look into Mr. Ir.

If Mr. Ir were to get help, and he had gotten taught a few things, Mr. Ir would not be as useless, and would be better off. There are more than one Mr. Ir , lots of Mr. Ir's get sold to nice caring people every year. Last year Robert Downey Jr. bought a Mr. Ir to be a nice, caring person, and that Mr. Ir got helped out so much. That Mr. Ir isn't useless anymore.

People that are nice and caring should buy a Mr. Ir.