Newtons First law


Problem: Not everyone is convinced that you should wear to a seatbelt while in a vehicle.

You should wear a seatbelt because, if you hit something inertia comes along throwing you out of your seat. Only because he was at motion at a constant speed and constant motion and then when they would hit the wall or pole then he flew when the object hit him.


Interia: how an object will resist a change in its motion. If it's stopped, it will resist starting to move or changing direction. If it's moving, it will resist stopping or changing direct. More mass means more Intertia. Intertia can be balanced or unbalanced. Just depends on how the object is. For example: If an object is moving at the same speed at the same motion, then it is a balanced force. If an object hits it or makes it loose it's path it becomes unbalanced. Balanced forces results to acceleration; change in speed, motion, and direction. Balanced forces results to no change in motion.

Why would you NEED seatbelts?

An experiment we tried with a car, mini soldiers, and a rubberband. At first we tried it without the rubberband. I observered that when we pushed the car the soldiers flew out of it when it hit the literature book. We tried wrapping the rubberband around the soldiers and the car. I observed the the rubberband kept the soldiers in the car when we pushed it to the literature book.


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