Pepsi With Michael Jackson

By:Hailey and Kelsea/8th period

What The Commercial Is About

The commercial was about persuading the audience to buy Pepsi.The commercial wasn't really good,they could've put more Pepsi logos in the video.It didn't really talk about Pepsi that much,the Pepsi logo was only at the end.The commercial was with Michael Jackson and some of his friends and kids that did a dance.

What Technique Was Used In The Commercial

Band Wagon Approach- persuades everyone to join in and do the same thing.

Testimonials- An ad in which a famous spokesperson endorses a product or service.

Did The Commercial Make You Want To Buy The Product

The commercial made us buy the product because we like Pepsi and we liked how they persuaded us with Michael Jackson.

Affects On The Audience

The Pepsi commercial affects the audience by persuading them to buy Pepsi and to sing a Michael Jackson song. They want the audience to be happy when they are drinking Pepsi. When they do the commercial they want people to drink Pepsi and if they never tried Pepsi they need to try it because Pepsi is good. They think that everybody who sees the commercial to buy Pepsi. They think that since there is someone famous in the commercial then the audience will buy Pepsi.