What is Sphero?

Sphero is an app-controlled robot shaped like a sphere. If you are wondering what the price is, I'm saving that for the end. I will also pay one fourth of the price. I would like the SPRK edition.
What is Sphero SPRK Edition?


Sphero SPRK edition includes more educational purpose. It teaches to program the Sphero to do things, and it is clear, so that I can learn the robotics behind it. Robotics are also going to be big in the future, so I am interested in learning about it.

Last But Not Least....

The price is $130 but I will pay a quarter of the price which is $33. I understand if you do not want to get it for me, but this counts as my Christmas and birthday gift ( I am fine with delaying the computer ) Please buy it for me!!! :-))