Aliens to Earth

travel guide for aliens visiting our wonderful world

Ways humans regionalize this planet

We have 6 land masses and there are 7 continents. We also have different time zones . Lastly we have north, south, east, and west hemispheres.

3 physical features I recommend you go to

Niagara Falls, Mt. Everest, and the Grand Canyon.

Niagara falls

The most visited waterfall, both America and Canada own half of it. The American side is more of a park, but the Canadian side is more touristy and has more shops and stores.


Living near the Niagara Falls doesn't have that many challenges but one is traffic a lot of people visit it so it will be harder to get to work. Another challenge is if you transport goods from rivers then the fall might get in your way of transporting goods.


There aren't that many opportunities but one is that Niagara Falls has a lot of employees, for shops, taking care of the park, park guides, and Niagara Falls gets a lot of money every year from tourists, to pay its employees.

Packing list

Money, raincoat, jacket (in case its cold), and camera.

Travel tips

There is a boat ride that goes near the fall, I recommend doing that. There is also shops on the Canadian side I suggest you try to buy some stuff your'll remember this visit. Also there are tunnels that are near the falls, wear a raincoat though the mist will land on you. Make sure you take a picture because it's a beautiful sight to see.

If you liked Niagara Falls....

Then your'll like Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, with a length of 3230 feet drop.