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Purity Testing and Maintenance in Different Industries

Testing the Quality of Food Product

Removing impurities which comes through mixing water or through condensing process, packaging, leakage, contamination in containers, etc can be easily done with the help of testing devices and further to maintain product quality. Everest Instruments Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of testing devices that serves several industries with plethora of innovative analyzing and testing apparatus.

Manufacturer of Testing Equipments

Making purity more accessible, precise and visible remains our motto and we adopt technical innovations which planning for equipment design and serving purpose. In order to increase customer satisfaction we always endeavor to invest technical innovations while bringing our customer centered and usability based solutions in analyzing product quality.

Research and Development Support

With an excellent team to take over Research and Development requirements Everest Instruments always focus on obtaining good understanding of industries and their requisites in maintaining purity of products. Our equipments have been of great importance in Dairy industry, Edible Oil and Food, Alcohol, etc. Apart from that we also provide devices for weighing and precision of quantity.

Supporting Precision Requisites for Wide Range of Industries

Everest Instruments also provides weighing instruments supporting wide range of industries. Apart from testing requirements, quantity of products comes next to focus for effective supply chain management. Our professionals analyze the specific requirements of industries and design apparatus accordingly. Today, we cover weighing requisites for Jewelry, Paper, Plastic, Chemical, Textile, Agro, Oil, Pharmaceutical and Packaging industries as well.

Lumitester for Evaluating Hygiene

Lumitester is monitoring device applied to calculate the amount of ATP and AMP in food products. It helps to generate about 2000 measurements and these measurements can be stored in any computer. It is equipped with integrated swabs, reaction fluids and reagents for obtaining complete detection in quick time interval.

Sanita Kun-To Identify Presence of Bacteria in Milk

Milk is the leading food product that is consumed in majority percentage worldwide. However, impurities and contamination possibilities are higher in this product. Sanita Kun is a ready-to-use device that helps in targeting bacteria present in milk and water and other food samples as well.

Smart Solutions to Maintain Safe and Hygienic Environment

The space we live in has many invisible impurities which cannot be seen with bare eyes. Hygi+ Air Hygiene Spray offered by Everest is featured with advanced Nano Technology that produces photo catalyst effect. This feature helps in sterilizing the environment and in eliminating odor as well as harmful substances. It is an advisable choice of hygiene solution for wide range of living environments including households, medical facilities, Corporate, etc.

Testing Alcohol, Brewery and Edible Oils and Fats

Alkotest Ultrasonic Alcohol Meter helps in detecting presence of chemical mixtures present in alcohol and this instrument is a cost effective option for Alcohol and Brewery industries who can maintain the purity of products. Similarly, OxiTesters are used to measure quality of edible oils, determine free fatty acids, Peroxide value and oil stability as well.


Purity, reliability, precision are some of the important characteristics which can satisfy consumers when it comes to consumable products. Everest Instruments supports both the consumer and manufacturer aspects by supplying suitable equipments to carry out exclusive processes.