The Boston Massacre

Or the Unexpected Revolt of Ignorance :Made By Brady Landers

The Boston Masscare was the first act of the American Revolution and questioned many people about their equal rights

Meet & Greet with the Patriots and Loyalists

Monday, March 5th 1770 at 9pm

Boston, MA, United States

Boston, MA

Anyone who is still alive in this time can come. Admission is free, but don't get to close in the action, because there's a chance you may killed! Come at least half an hour early to get good seats. Have a nice day.

Causes of the event

One night in 1770 Boston, angry colonist gathered up in front of British troops, and taunted them by ranting on them and throwing sticks and snowballs. This ranting was because of the taxes put on the colonists and the way they were treated. The rioting happened on King's Street, which would later be named State's Street

The Massacre Occurs

The captain of these troops was Captain Thomas Francis. While the colonist were screaming,"Fire and be damned!", Captain Thomas ordered his troops not to fire but one of the troops did not here his command and shot his rifle. When he did so, it caused a chain reaction, and all of the troops fired their weapons, which made the colonists even more angrier.
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At the end of the event, a total of 5 people died, and 8 injured

3 died on the scene of the event, but 2 died a slow, painful death after being shot by the British