All about Gustav Mahler

by Kaiyah Cooper🐷😏🐷😏🐷😏

Who is he ??😮

Gustav was a famous composer and in 1990 he had rediscovered Mic is which was really popular among the young crowd in the 70's.

He loved music and poems and that made him passionate to compose his own work.

His Music🎶🎵🎹

Gustav's Life

Gustav was the second child born.His father was a tavern proprietor.His mother was the daughter of a soap maker. After Gustav was born they moved to a place called Iglau,where his father had open a successful tavern and brewing.They even made good money so they could pay for Gustav's music ambition.

He is Famous😮😄

Gustav got a conduction job in the Landestheater. He had conducted more than 50 pieces of music,including his first opera called Trovatore. Soon he moved to Kassel and signed a contract,and he worked several years in Royal Musical and Choral Diretor.