December 1938

Nicholas Winton was a young stockbroker living in London in 1938. In December, his friend Martin Blake contacted him and asked him to come to Prague, Czechoslovakia. When Nicholas arrived he was asked to help in refugee camps that had been by the Nazi party when they annex Czechoslovakia. Nicholas found the living conditions the refugees were living in appalling, especially for the young children who were now deemed "enemies of the state".

What he did.....

Nicholas Winton was informed that there was no organization to address the needs of the children. Nicholas decided to set up his own resuce operation . Nervous parents realized the danger their children were in and came to his office seeking his help. Nicholas was not thinking in small numbers but in thousands. He would return to London working as a stockbroker by day and rescue worker by night.

Action he took to earn the Righteous of Nations -

Nicholas contacted governments of nations he thought would take in the children. He found out only Sweden and Great Britain would help. When he returned home he tirelessly raising funds to transport the children and matching the right child with the right foster parents. ( sheltering someone who is Jewish)

One problem that Winton encountered was obtaining the proper documents (visas) for the children to enter Great Britain. Upset with slow process , Winton forged the visas. (providing false documentation)

Action: Righteous by Nations

The rescue must be attested to by the rescued person or witnessed first hand.
Sir Nicholas Winton - BBC Programme "That's Life" aired in 1988

"Save one life, save the world"

This is a line from the Talmud- Winton's selflish actions saved 650 children. Those he saved are internally greatful to him., On September 1, 1939 WWII began and he was no longer able to continue his rescue effort. His wife in the late 1980's found his documents hidden away and brought them to the attention of the world. In 2002 , Queen Elizabeth II honored him by making "Sir Nicholas Winton "