Ancient Hebrews

Gracie Martin

The Land

Canaan is a small area of land but Canaan is also a home to the Israelite's.Canaan is very important to them because of its location,it was also a important trading route and market.Canaan was not always a good place to be because it was also so used as a battleground.This happens because it lays in the path of expansion for both Egyptians and the Assyrians.

The common people

As usual the people had adapted to their environment with little of grass and rocks.Some people worked as fisherman because of the body of water of fish.And other people just followed the same seasonal schedule for harvesting and planting.Some things they planted was grains like barley and wheat these things were harvested to be ground and bake into bread.

The Exodus from egypt

Many people from Canaan went to Egypt because there was famine there.But sense there is no food in Canaan they all just stayed in Egypt.So over time the number of Hebrews in Egypt grew and this upset the pharaoh.The pharaoh was so mad that he made the Hebrews slaves.


Religion: The Hebrews believe in many gods this is called polytheism. Bible: The story of how the Isralites developed as people is found in the first five books of the Bible or Torah.


Archaeology are scientist who study the ruins of ancient buildings and ancient cites.Archaeologists have carefully searched for clues about the cites,temples and homes of the Israelite's.

Important people

there are many important people in the Israelite history.Some of the important are Abraham,Moses,David,and Solomon.