Steps to Changing Your Career

Considering a Change

Thinking about a career change is fun, but there are things that you have to consider before you make thins change. There is an article listed below in which I have read and may be referring to( 16 things to think about while considering a career change).

Ask yourself this; Why do you want a career change? What do you want in a career change?

Also, consider how you can use your existing skills in new ways for your new career. Will you be happier in this career and will it be more convenient? Do you think that this new career could be more beneficial as the old one? List all of the good and not so convenient things about your old job and do the same about the new career, ask yourself which one fits you better and which will make you a better happier version of yourself. If you are not happy with your career, it is definitely time for a change!

Developing a Plan

While you are developing a plan to explore the new career, but you are ONLY exploring it and still have your current job but do not want to upset them with the news of a new career, use these tips.

-Schedule interviews around your current work schedule and prior responsibilities.

- Keep quiet about the new career or any information and do not say a word to anyone, rumors get around fast!

-Do not put so much pressure on yourself so that you perform badly or are slacking, because no employer wants that!

-If you have gotten hired for the new career, give your current employer the appropriate times notice that you are leaving. Don't upset them!

-DUring your last few days at the current job before going to your new job, do not tell yourself that its okay to slack off at your current job, because its not okay at all!

There is a very useful website that I found with great tips for you about changing careers and developing a plan for that. It also has very helpful tips on managing stress, Time management and different skills and techniques. I have it listed below.

Beginning Your New Career!

Of course starting a new career from scratch is in no way easy. No matter what it is, its going to be hard. You need to maintain your career, use your self management skills and take responsibility for things. Take different classes and seminars to stay updated with your career, and you can always learn more! You should also volunteer for as many things offered that you can do and know how to do, by volunteering for these things shows your new boss that you are very capable of anything that you set your mind to and this may even lead to a promotion!