March Announcements

Test Results, Form Tournament, Belt Ceremony

Test Results!

Please refer to your email for your student ID#. The following ID#s did not pass the test and may take a make up test during class:

111183 - Form (Poomsae), Focus

115045 - Form (Poomsae)

115068 - Focus

115103 - Kicking

115106 - Kicking

116011 - Focus

216002 - Kicking

No Class

There will be NO CLASS on Friday, Mar. 3 due to the Form Tournament and Belt Ceremony.

Form Tournament & Belt Ceremony

Friday, March 3rd, 5-8pm

335 North San Fernando Boulevard

Burbank, CA

The Form Tournament will be from 5-6 PM. All students are invited to participate, and everyone wins a trophy! Entry fees are $20 for Black Belt Club members and $25 for Non-BBC Members by Thursday, Mar. 2. Entry fees are $30/$35 by Friday, Mar. 3.

The Belt Ceremony will be from 6-8:30 PM. Please wear your uniforms if you will be receiving your belt!