Teacher SMACK Down

Get ready for the LS iPad SMACK Down Tuesday at 3:20!

What is a SMACKDOWN?

A technology smackdown is a fast-paced exchange of ideas - each teacher taking no more than 2-3 minutes to share an iPad app, lesson idea, student's work, or nifty iPad trick recently discovered.


Meet promptly at 3:20 in Liddy's classroom. Have your creative ideas ready to share and get pumped for a fun time of goodhearted bragging!

Meet Some of our Top Instructors

Hear success stories from the BRAVE teachers in the trenches!

Guaranteed to be fun and entertaining!

75 Interesting Ways to Use the iPad in Your Classroom


Tuesday, March 12th, 3:15pm

Liddy Nidiffer's Classroom

Actually, it begins at 3:20 right after carpool.