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What is a Facebook Party?

A Facebook party is a virtual party, not just an event with a link. We have set up a specific time and date (just like an in person party), invite your friends to join you on FB at that time, watch a couple of videos that will highlight some of our most popular books and programs and then I will provide a shopping experience. No cleaning or cooking necessary and it should take less than an hour. It will be similar to a “Chat,” no video equipment necessary.

Calling All Book Lovers to Nicole's Facebook Party!

Sunday, Oct. 18th, 6:30-7:15pm

This is an online event.

Facebook Event

To be added shortly

E-show for online ordering

All guests will order online and their books will ship directly to them.

Current Specials For You and Your Friends!

How to Party in Your PJ's!

Thank You!

I am so excited to help your family earn award-winning books! You will enjoy these smart books for your smart kids! I look forward to working together!