Mikayla Young, 4th


French Revolution: Enlightenment Ideas, Economic Depression, Weak ruler

American Revolution: Disagreements, Enlightenment Idea's, French and Indian War, Boston Tea Party

Latin American Revolution: Creole's unhappy, Enlightenment Idea's, Napolean was in Europe, Inspired by American and French Revolutions.


Phillip II: 90, he allowed religious difference, he was not very successful at war, but still conquered land and great wealth.

Loius XIV: 95, the most powerful ruler, devoted himself to his people and land

Catherine The Great: 97, she was a well liked ruler, enlarged the Russian empire, very smart about her leadership

Peter The Great: 85, good leader and well liked, very smart, treated his family horribly

Charles I: 76, He was not good with money, always in a war, very unloyal to his people

Nationalism: Bond that creates a Nation-State. Pro's: Brings the people together everyone has the same pupose. Con's: Not open to any other views

How The Scientific Revolution Affects My Life: The Scientific Revolution is all around you, in computers, cell phones, televisions, microwaves, stoves, cars, almost everything we use today was due to the Scientific Revolution.