Cell compared to a Farm

Clio Follmer & Josue Roan (1P)

Cell membrane; Fence

Considering the cell membrane is a thin layer around the cell and controls what goes in and out, a fence would be a perfect example. The fence of a farm controls how the animals are to move about, it keeps them in. The farmer keeps a fence around his farm to protect it from vermin and keep animals in.

Nucleus; Farmer

The nucleus is the large structure in the center of the cell that controls everything. The farmer is typically the brain of the farm, he controls the crops and stock, their feeding and watering limits, basically everything of which he is able to.

Cytoskeleton; Plow rows

The cytoskeleton keeps the farm in shape and it's what pushes things in order throughout the cell. The plow rows create an easy way to maneuver throughout crops and keeps the farm in shape.

Golgi app; Farmer's house

The golgi apparatus is basically a packing plant that everything has to go through to be shipped to the correct area in a cell. In the farmer's house, any sort of materials and tools are there, and any sort of problem is fixed in the house. It's then put back outside to function.

Lysosomes; Animals

The lysosomes break down all waste in the cell and anything unwanted. The animals roam around and graze on anything from grass to insects. They're a luxury considering they control overgrowth and insect infestation.

ER; Farm roads

The ER is a passageway throughout the cell that transports items around. On a farm, the roads and pathways within help the farmer to carry water, feed, injured animals, broken items, (etc.) It's a fluent road througout the farm.

Mitochondria; Barn

The mitochondria is the cell's powerhouse. It keeps all the energy in one place and all necessities. The barn on a farm keeps feed and water, tools, and all grooming materials. If the animals are tired or hungry, they can go in the barn to fuel back up!

Chloroplasts; Gardens

The chloroplasts use photosynthesis to create energy for the cell. On a farm, the garden can use the solar energy to create a clean and "airy" atmosphere around the farm. Each plant helps each other as well.

Cytoplasm; Acres

The cytoplasm of a cell contains all aspects of the cell. Everything basically "floats" around in the cell. Though nothing "floats" around the farm, the acres on the farm hold all items on the farm. The animals, the barn, farmer, his house. Everything listed before is on the farm's acres.

Ribosomes; Crops

Ribosomes in the cell pass around and "get the message" around. They are primarily the protein producers. Crops are passed from the farm to all over the world, to feed people. Other than stock, crops are the most wide spread produce farm.