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Redefining Learning Conference


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Today's Session in a Nutshell

Part 1: Choose one video from each of the below sections and view the video.

Part 2: Click on the Padlet Think Tank below and share three "Wows", two "I Wonders" , and one" I need more information" after viewing the videos.

Part 3: Comment on two other comments in the Padlet Think Tank

Part 4: Click on the Ticket out the Door link and complete the exit slip.


Choose a video from below to learn a bit more about Inspired Classrooms!

When you finish watching the video feel free to begin posting on the Padlet page.

Inspired Classroom Introduction
Inspired Classrooms

Section 2: Flipped Lessons

Choose a video from below to explore Flipped lessons. These types of lessons could be used in several different ways. Homework, small groups, review/preview and test prep are ways I choose to use them the most. Don't forget about the Padlet page!

Introduction to a Flipped Classroom

Flipping the Classroom: Explained

Math Antics (A Favorite Series of Mine)

Math Antics - Negative Numbers

How I Flipped My Study Guide Review (Parent, Student and Teacher Approved!)

January 12 Notes Part 1

Section 3: Classroom Websites

Take a peek at some different tools you could use to create a classroom website. Along with the videos I've include some sample class sites to explore.

Padlet Page

Weebly For Education Tutorial
How to set up a Google Site (class website)

Ticket Out The Door

Please follow this link to help me improve for the future. Thank you for attending my session!

Fun Tech Tools & Give Aways!