Codologie Showcase!


Hi, all!

This is it, next week is our Codologie showcase! Here's all the info you need to know.

FYI, I do my very best to make it to every showcase, BUT all 3 single track schools are doing their showcases at the same time, so I'll be jumping around.

Before the Showcase

Please make sure you have all the presentations gathered up - Classroom would be a useful tool for this.

You may also want to preview the rubrics with your students - they'll be critiquing each other. I've already run a class set for you.

During the Showcase

There's a 20-minute block for setup, but we encourage students to arrive before school to start setting up. I'm not sure how we can make this work for Dana's class, but hopefully they'll be able to set up quickly.

Per your request, we did not invite classes. However, we have done our best to invite as many parents and AESD personnel as possible to allow for a big audience.

One team presents at a time. I think it would be best if they present from your tablet, connected to the WiDi, so that they can turn on camera mode to show their project to everyone, rather than make everyone gather around the project.

Other teams should be filling out their rubrics while a team is presenting. This helps them to be more reflective and engaged. What you do with the rubrics afterwards is up to you. I also ran off teacher versions of the rubrics; again, you can choose to use them for a grade, but it's 100% up to you. If you'd rather not fill them out during the showcase, that's fine too.

After the Showcase

There's a 20-minute block after the last class leaves. If you can, please try to get all components removed from the projects and organized back into their containers. It's your choice whether you would like to hold onto the dioramas for Open House, or if you just want to send them home. However, please do NOT take projects out of the room if they still have wires, LEDs, buttons, breadboards, Raspberry Pi, etc attached to them.

The week after is OSS - have a great time and see you next year!!

Finally, if you are thinking of re-shuffling your teams, now is a great time to do it!