Aliens Invasion

A Virtual Reality Game

Defend Major Cities Against Alien Attack

Maysalward is proud to announce the worldwide release of the new update for Aliens Invasion VR, the latest and greatest of Google CardboardTM Virtual Reality games. The World is under attack, and major cities are at risk. Your talent and fighting skills are urgently in demand to defeat the aliens by blasting them out of the skies.

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Show the world your strength and save it from the unwelcomed creatures

Aliens Invasion VR challenges you to defend Paris, New York, Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait and Pisa using your state-of-the-art F16 fighter jet. Use the VR viewer to play and shoot down the Aliens UFOs as they approach and try to invade. The game is compatible to

Work with any Google CardboardTM enabled Virtual Reality headset for mobile. Using a

unique custom-built Virtual Reality ads engine, the game, is F2P using in-game advertising that does not distract or force the player to leave the action while playing.

Aliens Invasion VR offers a rich 3D gameplay experience with impressive graphics and fast-paced arcade action.

How to use Google Cardboard to Play the Aliens Invasion

Aliens Invasion VR Game Demo