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SISD Parent & Family Newsletter - February 2022

Important Dates for February

Monday, February 7-11th - National School Counseling Week

Thank you to our school counselors for making a difference in our lives! We appreciate you!

Monday, February 14th - No School/Holiday

Thursday, February 17th - Family Engagement Parent Institute Virtual Meeting

9:00 a.m. - English session & 1:00 p.m. - Spanish session

Join us for a very interesting virtual session on the topic of how to help manage our children's behavior at home. Our school counseling department will be providing insight on how we can better understand our children & help them cope with their struggles including how to manage their behavior. The strategies shared will also help them with anxiety. All SISD parents are welcome to participate!

Friday, February 18th - No School for Students/Staff Prep & Planning Day

Thursday, February 17th - Last day of the 4th six weeks

Monday, February 21st - 1st day of the 5th six weeks

Tuesday, February 22nd - PK Parent Virtual Meeting

9:00 a.m. - English session & 1:00 p.m. - Spanish session

Tuesday, February 22nd - CTE "Programs of Study" Parent & Student Virtual Session

5:00 p.m. Spanish & 6:00 p.m. English

(Call 956-580-5200 Ext. 1029 for more information)

Monday, February 28th - Regular School Board Meeting at PHS

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Supplemental Special Education Services

The Supplemental Special Education Services is providing a one-time online grant to parents of eligible students served by special education who are enrolled in a Texas public school

Click here to learn more information or call our Special Education Department at 956-580-5200.

Child Find - Helping Families Make Connections

Every child has the right to equal education in the state of Texas. Do you know a child or student between the ages of birth through 21 who shows signs of developmental delays, ongoing learning problems, behavioral or medical problems that interfere with learning? Do you suspect the presence of a disability? Child Find can help you & your family make connections to services in the community or through our school district. Contact our Special Education office for more information at 956-580-5218.

Click here to understand more about Child Find & how our district can be of assistance to a child that may qualify.

CTE Path to Success: Parent & Student Sessions

Our district is inviting all 8th - 11th grade parents & students to attend the College & Career (CTE) sessions. Session virtual links will be available through student's Go Center Google Classroom. Call 956-580-5200 extension 1029 for more info!

Free At Home COVID-19 Test Kits Available

Click here to order 4 at home COVID-19 test kits for free. Every home in the U.S. is eligible for the test kits. They will be shipped to your home (free shipping) within 7-12 days. You will need to provide your home address.
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Tips for Managing Child Behaviors at Home

Ms. Sarachene, our Counseling Director has shared TEA's latest document which provides examples & strategies that can help parents with their children at home. Click here to view this helpful document for parents.

Kindness Is Our February Focus

Kindness is the ability and willingness to express care and compassion for others. Kindness is a choice to use our time, talents, and resources to better the lives of others and the world through genuine acts of love, compassion, generosity, and service. Students who successfully demonstrate kindness may exhibit the following behaviors:

• Promotes positive relationships with others

• Uses their words and actions to encourage others

• Shows concern for others and their needs

Take a moment to discuss what kindness looks like in your home & discuss examples of how members of your family have demonstrated kindness to others. Click here to see Parade's article on how to show others that you care.

Our district counselors are discussing kindness in their counseling lessons this month.

Source: Capturing Kid's Hearts

The Many Ways to Say "I Love You" for Parents

"Children who hear that they are loved in many different ways are likely to find their own ways to say it to the people they love--all through their lives." (Rogers 95)

"When we know care is there, life can seem well worth living, even with the ups and downs of our ever-changing world." (Rogers 101)

"When there is pain or sorrow in our children's lives, as there is bound to be, there is often no way we can make it go away. Often, our quiet availability is just what children need, far more than they need our coaxings or cajolings or threats or punishments. Our reassuring presence may be enough to help them find inner resources of their own. When children can cope with hard times--drawing on whatever comfort they find from us and from themselves--their parents can be very proud indeed. That ability to cope may be one of the greatest abilities that parents can help their children acquire." (Rogers 107)


Rogers, Fred. Many Ways to Say I Love You: Wisdom for Parents and Children from Mister Rogers. New York, Machette Books, 2019.

Photo by Hannah Nelson from Pexels

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Community Liaison Corner - A Fun Valentine's Idea From Laura Contreras, JHS

As parents, we can share positive and uplifting affirmations to build our child's confidence within themselves. Why not use the month of February to tell our children all the ways we admire, appreciate, & love them? Words are powerful especially when it comes from someone that we admire the most, a parent!

This is easy!

Take a piece of paper & write a positive message on it. The paper can be a sticky note, a heart shape-note, or added to a list on one sheet of paper. Every day add a new message to a visible area that your child can see such as their bedroom door, near their bed, or somewhere special to them in the house.

Even your teenagers will look forward to their new daily message. Enjoy seeing your children smile as they read special messages meant for them.

Click here for a list of ideas with positive affirmations!

Click here to view the article Bilingual Positive Messages for Kids: Printable "Heart Attack Valentines"

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Validation in A Mirror

Let's teach our kids to look into the mirror & believe in themselves! Sometimes we wait for others to believe in ourselves to feel accomplished. We need to practice building up our confidence in ourselves & keep moving forward! We need to remember to believe in ourselves especially when we feel like nobody else does.

Get that mirror & teach your kids to tell themselves that they believe in themselves! Practice these sayings in front of a mirror: "I believe in me!" "Yes I can" "I will be okay" "I can do this!" "I can soar!" "I can achieve!"

-General Opening Session from the Statewide Parent Involvement Conference on December 9th by Speaker Principal Baruti Kafele

Statewide Virtual Parental Involvement Conference December 9th & 10th, 2021

Thank you to our parents who participated in the Parent & Family Engagement Statewide Virtual Conference. Parents participated in sessions learning about various mental health topics.

If you attended the meeting, an email was sent out to participants with links to the session recordings & presenter documents. Contact Lori De La Garza in case you didn't receive it. 956-580-5200, extension 1215.

We look forward to planning the next Parent Conference that will be available to all SISD parents through a virtual platform on Saturday, April 9th. More details to come soon!

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