by King Isaac D the Great


Extra extra read about the colonys extra extra. In the colonys the main way to trade was by water. We all have a good summer and an OK winter. We all grow nice good crops. Water helps use all grind wheat.


We have limber, farming, fish, whales and water. We have a harsh winter but a good summer. We have Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

  • We have dense forests, rivers, grew crops.
  • meeting house used for religious services and town meetings.
  • church going men that owned property could vote.
  • Puritans only practice one religion.
  • other pilgrims establish edones to practice religious freedom most towns require you to go to school.
  • We trade fish lamp oil candles and perfume.


The middle colony is great. We have a warm summer and a cold winter. We have wheat, farming, and Iron. We love to trading wheat, fur, furniture and tools. We have New york Pennsylvanian, Delaware, New Jersey and New Netherland.

  • we have rich soil, Huston bay/river.
  • did not believe infighting, people from different countrys and back rounds are all welcome.
  • religious freedom.
  • Quakers are apposed to war and felt people could pray in their own way.
  • Quakers are nice to the Native Americans and payed them for their land.
  • There are little slaves.
  • the main jobs are merchants, sailors dockworkers.


They have hot summers and mild winters, great for a summer vacation. We have tobacco, rice and farming. We trade Cash crops, tobacco rice farming harbor is the trade senter. We have James Town, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

  • along the coast was flat, the soil is rich.
  • rivers bays and oceans are the main water ways.
  • we have the Appellation mountains.
  • In our community we have plantations, Legislative and self governing community.
  • We are Catholics good relations to Native Americans and this is a military location.
  • We have great help.