life in a different colour

Hi my name is Jacklyn Scott, I am 15 years old living with colour blindness. When I was 11 years old I started to realize I could not see the same colours other people could, sometimes I cant even see colours at all. I used to always feel dumb because other people always have to correct me. It is very tough not being able to see the beautiful colors and lights in New York City . People just normally have to give me a description of how beautiful it really looks.

colour blindness

color blindness is currently impossible to cure. 99% of males and females are colorblind as a result of defective genetics on the X chromosome. About 1 out of 12 males and 1 out of 20 females are colorblind. A person with colorblindness usually has troubles seeing red, green, blue or mixtures of these colors. People just have to live with the fact that they are seeing life in a different color.