Only you can control your future

Dr.Seuss Birthday

Monday, March 2nd, 1-2:15pm

Community Center Dr

Northglenn, CO

It is Dr. Seuss's 111 Birthday. Be there at Dr.Seuss's birthday party.

Dr.Seuss's New Book

What Pet Should I Get

Pre-Order the new book by Dr. Seuss on June 28th

Get it at www.seussville.com

Character of the month

Cat in the hat is funny and fun. Cat in the hat is tall and is a cat. He can bring fun to other people and if there is a problem he fixes it.


Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.

Yertle The Turtle

Yertle the turtle is a king that everything he see's he says he rules. Yertle the turtle is mean and let the his power go to his head. He wanted to make a thrown for, so he gathered many turtle to pile up on each other. Yertle the turtle fell in the pond because the turtle at the bottom and landed in the pond.