2nd & 3rd Grade Hawkenings!

Hawkenings = Hawk Happenings

January 11 - 15

Where has the time gone?

It sure has passed too quickly so we will make sure we don't waste any of it. But we all know that all and work and no play makes Jane a dull child... So let's keep learning but make learning fun.

Religion: All of 2nd and 3rd are preparing for Sacraments in Religion but not losing sense of 'The Word' so Bible stories will continue. I am so pleased and ecstatic when the children participate in Religious discussions. With Catholic Schools Week fast approaching, we want to be prepared for the Religion & Bible Trivia contest.

Mathematics: I don't know how else to express the need for the students to truly learn/understand/memorize their facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Yes they know the concept but we must help them with the speed.

Problem Solving is one area both grades have to really focus on. Clues are given in the problems - just getting them to see it is another matter. Have your child understand that the numbers or number ideas in each problem are to be used.

Here is an example.

The baker baked two dozen cookies and then ate 3. How many cookies are left?

The use of the word dozen should tell them---12 and the number word two indicates that they are to multiply 2 X 12= 24. Then the baker ate 3. Now take 24 - 3 = 21.

Math textbooks will be collected and we will move on to 3B. Second Grade does not have a textbook but we will move on to the next workbook 2B.

Reading: 3rd Grade Journeys 3.1 have been collected and we will now move on to Journeys 3.2 text and workbook.

2nd Grade will continue with Superkids. The workbook and textbook will not change yet. Probably in another month.

Social Studies: We have been reading and learning about a special man. Martin Luther King Jr. The students know we don't have classes next week Monday because of him. We will study and learn what impact he has had on the nation. We hope that eventually ALL people will see one another as brothers and sisters of Christ. We will have a short memorial gathering on Friday in the Hall. Some of the older students have been practicing on his famous speech "I Have a Dream", and will share it with the student body. We will also sing the song "We Shall Overcome" as a large group. May we all learn that Love of God and love of Neighbor is how our life should be lived.

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship."

St. Thomas Aquinas - Patron Saint of Catholic Schools