The Jumano Tribe

By: Oliver

Which Region did they live in?

The region that the Jumanos lived in was the Mountains and Basins


The type of food the Jumanos ate were corn, dried squashes, beans, pelts, meat, pinon nuts, mesquite beans, cactus fruits, and other buffalo products

How did the Jumanos obtain their food?

The Jumanos obtained their food through agriculture, hunting and trade.

What weapons and tools did the jumano use

Some weapons they used were bows and arrows to hunt. If in war the Jumano would use clubs or cudgels of hard wood. A tool they would use is a buffalo-hide shield to protect themselves.


Christian mission efforts date as early as 1630. By 1682, Jumano chief, Juan Sabeata, traded the souls of his people for protection from the Apache Tribe.

Leadership Rules

Any Jumano warrior who brought back loot, scalps, and captives would become leader.


They absorbed different norms from various tribes and societies, rather than being completely true to their own traditions.

What became of them?

By the end of the seventeenth century, when Apache dominance extended into the lower Rio Grande valley and reached eastward to the upper Brazos and Colorado Rivers, the Jumanos had lost their entire territorial base, their trade routes were broken, and they ceased to exist as an identifiably distinct people.