Carly Johnson

Personality Profile

All About Me!

  • very smart
  • creative
  • loves math
  • favorite color is turquoise
  • has an older brother

Introvert and Extrovert

I am 63% introvert and 37% extrovert so that means....

I´m able to have in depth thinking. I think before I act and I know how to communicate with knowledge. I´m imaginative, creative, attentive, and cautious. I also have new ideas and know how to apply them.

Carly J

Thursday, Jan. 13th 2000 at 3am

A Hospital

That was the day I was born! I am very lucky to be here today! If I wasn´t born I would not have been able to create this! My golden birthday is coming up soon too!


I know how to take into account the needs of each person while leading to fixed goals.


I love ANIMALS! Also I like ice cream, most desserts, video games, romantic comedy, funny people, and other stuff!!!!