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Estimados estudiantes y padres...

Dear parents and students,

In an effort to extend my instruction beyond this classroom, I will be sending out this newsletter twice a month.

I plan to include the following things:

announcements, upcoming assessments, extra activities, pictures, greetings, etc.

If you have any ideas for this newsletter, please email me at


Con respeto,

Sra. Pizzuto

Big picture

8th. Unit 1. España: Una Experiencia Inolvidable (10-12 weeks)

Essential Questions:

What are the different regions of Spain? What are cultural differences between the regions of Spain?

What are popular activities to do in different parts of Spain?

Cultural Themes:

Geography and locations of Regions

Languages and celebrations of Regions

Popular tourist sites and activities of Regions

Preguntas de gramática:

¿Qué haces tú cuando visitas España?

¿Qué es más/menos (adjetivo) que ___?

¿Qué debo hacer en diferentes partes de España?

Grammar concepts:

  • Comparisons

  • Commands

  • Present tense

  • Question words

6th grade Unit 1: Mi Mundo Hispano

10 weeks

1. What are common gestures and manners to greet someone?

How is it different to greet someone formally or informally?

Greeting and farewell etiquette

Greeting and farewell customs

Formal audience

Informal audience

2. ¿Cómo te llamas tú?

¿Cómo estás tú?

¿Cuántos años tienes tú?

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

3. Grammar concepts

  • Alphabet

  • Estar and feelings

  • Tener and numbers

  • Dates (numbers and months)

  • Colors

  • Useful expressions/Classroom Commands

Para reírnos... Let's have a laugh!

dos gatos hablando español


Used three ring binders, plastic sleeves, markers and manila folders.


Sra. Pizzuto

Get to Know Sra. Pizzuto



1. Use Spanish as much as possible: watch videos, look for new words, play games

2. Download apps to practice Spanish

3. Find a video/song on youtube and listen to it. Try to understand the gist.


Ace your verbal assessments:

1. Look up general words you can use to descrive any picture: good, bad, pretty, ugly, more/less, like/dislike.

2. Make inferences: just because something is not clearly in the picture doesn't mean that you cannot talk about it.

3. Use transitions: "en mi opinion, yo creo que, es posible, es probable, finalmente, generalmente, etc"

4. Keep speaking in Spanish, don't worry about mistakes.

España Inolvidable Thematic Unit-8th grade-EXTRA Activities

Try these activities to extend your knowledge and practice for our thematic unit:

1. Visit this website: Choose at least 3 bolded topics. Write something interesting to you in Spanish and interpret the gist/main idea

2. watch this video:

Determina: idea principal, audiencia, opinion.