Freshmen Newsletter BCIT Medford

July 25

Third Edition

This edition will focus on several topics related to school operations at Medford. At the conclusion of this edition you will have the following information:

  • Transportation
  • DressCode
  • Student Drop and Pick up Information
  • Medication Drop Off
  • Freshmen Orientation Program
  • Attendance Policy
  • PRIDE Program

PRIDE Program

PRIDE stands for Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort. This is our Student and Staff Character Education Program here at BCIT-Medford. Students are recognized by their success, achievement, and efforts here at our campus. Students are recognized daily, weekly, monthly, and each marking period.

  • PRIDE Weekly Credit Cards
  • PRIDE Students of the Month
  • PRIDE Membership Cards
  • PRIDE Smart Jag Awards


Click here for information related to the PRIDE Program

BCIT-Medford Orientation Program

BCIT has created a dynamic program this year for our new students to become part of the BCIT-Medford family. The following information will outline this years program.

More information will be provided regarding the August 21st New Student Orientation.

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2019 Freshman Orientation August 21st

Click here for details related to the program

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Important District & School Policies

Dress Code Requirements

The purpose of this dress code is to prepare students for expectations of the world of work and to promote the image of the school district. The standards are (1) Workplace Preparation, (2) Safety, and (3) Professionalism. Students are urged to emulate the dress code of successful adults in the occupation for which they are preparing. All students are required to dress in a manner that reflects good taste, modesty, and appropriateness. Choice of attire should be made according to the health, safety, and welfare of all students.

Click here to view the 2019-20 BCIT Dress Code

Attendance Policy (Updated June 2018)

Every student is expected to be in school every day, all day. Should the student be absent in excess of six unexcused days per semester, then he/she will be placed on non-credit status. Students who exceed a total of nine or more days with excused or unexcused absences from school for the semester will not be eligible for noncredit remediation, and may be referred to the Superintendent for consideration for referral to the Board of Education for action.

Partial absences caused by lateness to school or early departure from school will be counted toward non-credit. Each partial absence will be equal to at least .25 of a day. Four (4) such partial absences shall equal one (1) day absence for the purpose of non-credit.

All excused absences require written documentation to verify the nature of the absence. Parent letters excusing a student for attendance purposes are not acceptable. Medical notes need to be from a medical professional. Please review the policy below regarding approved excused days. If your son/daughter is dealing with a prolonged medical issue, please communicate with your guidance counselor and we can work together to develop a plan.

Click here to review the Updated District Attendance Policy

Transportation Information

Your sending district will provide your family transportation information mid-August. BCIT does not coordinate transportation for our students. Any issues that you may have with times and locations for pick-up and drop-off need to be discussed with your district transportation departments.

Click here to view the contact information for all the sending districts.


Parents/guardians dropping off medication for their child(ren) are required to bring a valid driver's license or state/federal issued I.D., the physician prescription, and the prescribed medication. After signing in at the Main Office, you will then meet with the school nurse who will store the medication for your child.

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Important: Driver's License, State Issued ID or Military ID Required to Enter Building



The safety of our students is our main priority. Guardians and authorized emergency contacts may pick up a student during school hours in the Main Office. When arriving in the Main Office, a driver’s license or state/federal issued I.D. must be presented. Students will not be released to anyone who does not provide proper identification.

Guardians must send written authorization in the form of an email in order to authorize someone who is NOT listed in Genesis to pick up their student. The email should be sent to from the email address listed in Genesis and include the following information:

  • Date

  • Student’s name and grade level

  • Name of the person picking up the student

  • Time and reason of departure

  • Your name and relationship to student

  • Your phone number (phone number must match what is listed in Genesis)

The person being designated to pick up their student must present a driver’s license or state/federal issued I.D. when arriving at the Main Office. Once the email is received, the student will be released.

Please review the contact information in Genesis for your student to ensure that the most current information has been provided. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Main Office at 609-654-0200 ext. 8411.

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