John Brown

May 9, 1800 - December 2, 1859

Who was John Brown?

John Brown was a abolitionist who believed in overthrowing the slavery system with violence. John Brown also participated in the Underground Railroad and helped many slaves be protected from slave hunters. John Brown also helped slaves by forming a group called the League of Gileadites with the intention of protecting slaves from slave hunters.
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John Brown and the Raid on Harper's Ferry

On the evening of October 16, 1859 John Brown led a group of 21 men on a raid of the U.S. armory in Harper's Ferry, Virginia. There plan was to have freed slaves join the fight armed from the U.S. armory and move down the South coast freeing slaves as they went. This plan failed at the start unfortunately. Most of John Brown's men were killed by the U.S. Marines that night. John Brown went to court on November 2, 1859 and was executed on December 2, 1859.