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6 Word Memoirs

My family is kind and supportive.

I love to play table tennis.

I am a very lively person.

Always be respectful, kind, and passionate.

10 Utopian Society Rules-- Bingo #1

1. Crimes should not occur (Murder, Robbery, etc.).

2. Everyone must be treated equal no matter what race, color, or gender.

3. You must attend all years of elementary, middle, and high school.

4. Everybody should get to participate in the government system. Elitism should not be promoted.

5. Peace must be promoted. International affairs should be solved with diplomatic methods.

6. People should be honest. Honesty can make the society more healthy and real.

7. Drugs and Alcohol cannot be used. These can cause lots of harm to the body. It is important for all the people to remain healthy and happy.

8. All poor persons should receive governmental subsidy which helps with their shelter, transportation, and food issues.

9. People should not be restricted in regards to which job they can hold. Additionally, all persons should be entitled to the same opportunities.

10. People of the society should exercise daily and maintain their health at a high standard so that the life expectancy can increase.

Cast Actors and Actresses for 1984-- Bingo #2

Priyanka Chopra as Julia

Amitabh Bachchan as Big Brother

Akshay Kumar as Winston Smithe

Salman Khan as O'Brien

Ranbir Kapoor as Emmanuel Goldstein

Aamir Khan as Syme

Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom-- Bingo #3

Freedom is a concept that is often taken for granted though one should actually realize how valuable it is. One who has experienced great warfare to gain freedom or one who has been under a government of no freedom can actually understand the meaning of freedom. We, United States persons, take our freedoms and rights all for granted. The United States offers several freedoms to its citizens and often these freedoms are abused and taken advantage of. Some examples of freedoms which the United States offers includes the Freedom of Religion, Speech, and Exercise. These are only 3 of the hundreds of freedoms which the United States offers to its people. People shall not take these freedoms for granted as they have not yet acknowledged how valuable freedom is. In a totalitarian government system, the people do not even get the 3 rights listed above. In fact these people do not even have their own identity. From this perspective, there should be not possible argument on the behalf that freedom is not valuable. Through our freedom, we are our own identity, we are not like Equality 7-2521 who has no actual name or rights.

In a country upon which the government has total control over the people, privacy is invaded. There may be a current argument that the USA NSA surveillance is a surveillance on people and therefore is a invasion of privacy rights yet people do not realize that this mass collection of data is being used for their own benefits. This data is being collected to preserve other freedoms and keep everyone safe. The data is not being abused for privacy invasion reasons as it is in 1984.

The American people must understand that freedom is an essential thing in their life and without it, they would only realize how torturous the totalitarian world is. It is very important to respect those who fought for this freedom and we must be with them by not abusing or taking this freedom for granted.

Writing a new ending for a chapter-- Bingo #4

Chapter 1:

It was a chilly morning and Winston had just gotten out of bed. Winston moved towards his diary and was willing to write more. Suddenly he was interrupted by a load voice from the telescreen. Winston took a couple of shakes and then finally realized that it was time for the daily morning exercise. Winston started to stretch yet once again he shook and realized that this time his name was being yelled from the telescreen. It was all over. Winston thought that this was his last chance and that he had no option but to go to the Ministry of Love. Fortunately, he was wrong. Winston was just being yelled at for not having the correct posture in his exercise routine. His heart beat decreased tremendously and he had immediately come into a relaxed mood.

The following day, the exercise routine was cancelled and Winston decided to use this time to continue writing in his journal. He wrote,"I don't know for whom this journal is, and I know one day it will end up in the fire of the Ministry of Love yet I love to write" After writing this line, Winston felt a great sense of pride and self- confidence but the next second he heard something. It was the door. Someone was there, it sounded like the knock that the thought police would make. Winston still in indecision of whether or not to open the door. He decided to open it. It was the Thought Police asking to fully investigate the room. Winston acted completely normal and responded, " any way in which I can help the government and Big Brother." After such a response from Winston the Thought Police states, " It is our duty to fully investigate your room no matter how innocent you are. On the telescreen, we found some suspicious activity". Winston responded in his nervous, full of fear voice, " No problem sir. Please do."

End Chapter 1

Five Panel Comic Strip-- Bingo #5

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