Mialisia Pre-Launch Party

Get a Sneak Preview of the jewelry and meet the founder!


Be a part of the beginning! Join us as we launch Mialisia, the exciting company that will REVOLUTIONIZE the way that women think about and wear their jewelry!

Have you ever thought how great it could be if you were one of the first to start a successful business? Statistically, most company's millionaires are created in the growth phase of a business, the first 2-5 years! YOU have that incredible opportunity!



Mialisia Pre-Launch Party

Wednesday, July 10th, 6pm to Saturday, July 13th, 8pm

Throughout Southern California - Specific Locations to be Announced Soon!

Stops have been announced in Anaheim, Corona, and LA! The specific dates and venues for each location will be announced shortly. Keep your evening free for a night out with the girls and an opportunity to meet one of the most down to earth and generous women you will ever encounter, Annelise Brown.

Play Dress Up and Be Inspired

Annelise will be sharing her inspiration behind the patent pending designs that have lead her to creating a multi-million dollar business that she wants to share with as many people as possible. She will answer questions about the business operations, fashion events, and anything else we can come up with. Her beautiful jewelry will also be on display for you to try on and style for yourself.

We are Mialisia SoCal

Join our growing SoCal team for this exclusive event! We can all carpool together and have a fun girls night! Though men are certainly welcome too as there have been many men who have signed up to be a part of this opportunity! Contact us, Becca and Gina, at https://www.facebook.com/MialisiaJewelryIndependentDesignerBeccaBrown or https://www.facebook.com/MialisiaJewelryIndependentDesignerGinaSorenson and we can give you more info and arrange transportation. We'll make it a fun night and end with a treat like Baker's shakes! My treat! We would love to see you there!