E Cigs


The Reasons Why Smokers Prefer E Cigs

A person named Hon Lik who was a Chinese by nationality and a pharmacist by profession first brought the e cigarettes to use. It was he who got the patents for e cigarettes for the first time in the year two thousand and three. It was from two thousand and four when he began to sell e cigarettes to the people of China and abroad. E cigarettes have a small battery which heats the nicotine solution mixed in propylene glycol. Nicotine is mixed in the solution which is concentrated up to a level of twenty six milligrams.

People choose to smoke e cigarettes because of a number of reasons. They are

The traditional cigarettes contain a high level of tobacco and also nicotine which makes you into an addictive smoker. The smokers who smoke tobacco cigarettes harm themselves by inhaling the many toxins that are available in it. With the vapor cigarettes there is only the water vapor which is emitted by the e cigarettes. There is no ash and no smoke. This is possibly the reason why many people prefer e cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Smoking e cigarettes is definitely a healthier option that is why many people prefer to smoke e cigarettes. Let see their reviews at http://www.esmoking101.com/information/staying-safe-while-using-e-cigarettes/.

Moreover the e cigarettes are very low with regard to price. Today what with inflation and rising costs of each and every article the cost of traditional cigarettes is on the rise. The e cigarettes are a cheaper solution to the smokers.

The e cigarettes give an impression of smoking minus the smoke. There is no bad smell left about in the mouth, hair and clothes by the smoker. There are different kinds of flavors which are available in the e cigarettes like the flavor of menthol.

As the e cigarettes do not have to be lit and releases no smoke they are legal in almost all places. Therefore, you can easily smoke indoors and escape the ban on smoking traditional cigarettes in the presence of non smokers. Moreover, e cigarettes are always the preferred option of smoking over traditional smoking because you do not need to carry lighters or matchboxes from place to place. You can use your e cigarettes almost anywhere without making use of the lighters.

Moreover, we see that with traditional cigarettes there are many holes that are burnt into the clothes. Because the e cigarettes do not have to be lit there is no fear of having any fire hazards.