3rd Grade with Mrs. Graves


Greetings Parents and Guardians!

Welcome to the e-newsletter! I attempted to to hard copy newsletters, but most of the time they ended up on the floor instead of in your hands. I hope this e-newsletter can serve as an invite to open communication and a connection to classroom activities at home. I truly encourage you (just like I do with the students) to ASK questions! If something is confusing and/or you have a concern, please contact me. On each e-newsletter you will find: upcoming events/reminders (if there are any), current classroom topics and tasks, online interactive website links, and my contact information.

About Me

I had the opportunity to meet a few of you at the Parent Night when the 3rd grade classrooms first split. But, for those I haven't met yet, here's a little bit about me! I live in the community and I am most commonly spotted at the Woodridge library by my students. In my free time I like to read and LOVE spending time with my family. My wedding was this past weekend, so now I am "Mrs. Graves", but I'm still calling myself "Miss Kraft" and the students are quick to correct me!!
I have taught 2nd grade and two years, and 1st grade at Goodrich last year. strive to make for an engaging learning environment filled with curiosity and excitement. I constantly look for and acknowledge positive behavior. I appreciate the clothespin system! Students move their clothespin up and down throughout the day, reflecting on the positive and negative behaviors. I work to be proactive and preventative in behaviors, and believe all my students have "great days" in my classroom- and if they didn't, it's a time for me to reflect to see what I can do to help make their day successful. An image of the chart is shown. Too often the color 'red' is given a negative image, that's why this chart has no order to their color. (Any questions- please ask!) The students color on their assignment notebook whatever color they landed on and I sign directly on top of their color.


Please send box tops to school. Thank you for your support!

Need inexpensive books to add to your library collection at home? Check out Scholastic Reading Club! Orders are due Oct. 21. Classroom code is PCG8V .

Pumpkins with Parents. Oct 28. Time is TBD. More info to come!

Reading Workshop Parent Night: Nov 10th at 6:30pm. This workshop will explain in detail how the workshop model is being used in the classroom. Come check it out with your third grader! Hope to see you there :)



We are working on personal narrative stories. This week we work on engaging introductions. While reading with your child, point on the unique ways that authors begin their stories.


Oh boy, did Unit 1 cover a wide range of skills! The skills in Unit 1 will continue to come up throughout the entire school year. This first unit was challenging, mostly due to word problems. The language used can be difficult to comprehend. The students took the Unit 1 assessment today. Next week will be a 'buffer' week. Small groups will meet for reteaching, while other students practice skills at their level and reflect on what they have learned. By the end of next week, students will take the Unit 2 pretest "Relating Multiplication and Division". Having a solid foundation in addition is key to a quick grasp of multiplication. Please continue to practice +, - facts at home so your child is ready for x and / facts.


XtraMath Fact Practice (or done on paper. fact packet sheets will be sent home on Monday)

IXL (review any topics is B, C, D, O, Q, T)

TenMarks assignments and jam sessions



Fiction Unit: We are closing in on our fiction unit. Please have discussions with your child of the elements of fiction (beginning, middle, and end.... moral or theme.... character traits, point of view, and dialogue) and various genres of fiction (folk tale, fairy tale, tall tale, legends, myths, fables, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, realistic fiction, and mystery).

As you can see from the list above. We explored and discovered so MUCH in this unit. I hope your child is reading for at LEAST 30 minutes every night. Although your child might like reading independently, please find time to discuss what they are reading and explore their thinking.


Read for 30 minutes every night and fill out reading log

Practice language arts skills using "Front Row" (link below and their login account info was sent home)

2nd Step...

Our classroom does one 2nd Step lesson every week. The first unit focus is on empathy. We have fun role playing scenarios while talking about our choices and emotions.


Last week we had fun learning the steps of the Scientific Method. Ask your child if they can list ALL the steps! Throughout the year, we will have science experiments, which we will apply all steps of Scientific Method to complete the labs.



Animated books TumbleBooks, (provided by the Woodridge Public Library, so a library card is needed to access this awesome website.)

Front Row Language Arts.


Math Facts XtraMath

Math skills using IXL. (Practice these topics: ____)

Math games on SumDog.

Front Row Math

TYPING typing club

Need a new login sheet for any of the websites listed above? Email me and I will send home a new form!

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