Miss Rawson's Class Newsletter

May 9-13

News and Announcements

School is coming to a close and those summer days will be here before we know it! With that being said, we need to make sure we are committed to finishing this school year off the right way. We still have two weeks left for our research projects, the math and reading STAARs are Monday and Tuesday, and we have a ton of rewards coming up.

Do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

Upcoming Dates

5/9: Math STAAR Test

5/10: Reading STAAR Test

5/18: Science CBA

5/19: Social Studies CBA

5/24: AR reward Party

5/25: Track & Field day

5/27: End of the Year awards

5/30: Memorial day--> No school

5/31: Academic Reward Day

Weekly Schedule

Monday May 9

Math STAAR Test

Work on research week three

Focus: website building

Tuesday May 10

Reading STAAR Test

Work on Research week three

Focus: Website building

Wednesday May 11

Work on websites

Get new Spelling List

(L A S T O N E :))

Thursday May 12

Work on websites

Friday May 13

Work on websites

Spelling List 13

1. threw

2. decoration


4. brushes

5. through

6. incorrect

7. forth

8. hooves

9. tries

10. fourth

11. design

12. kitten

13. chatting

14. rays

15. hiding

Sight words

16. waves

17. reached

18. ground

19. ever

20. area