Greenhouse Gases Why are they good?

By Sophie Garrison

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But, I thought they were bad.

Well many people think this is true to. But i'm here to tell you otherwise! All the news anchors, government officials, you parent, and even your teachers who have told you that we should eliminate as much of our green house gases are WRONG!

But why?

Wait, what are the greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases are gases that are green.

I'm kidding,Greenhouse gases are gases that are made of 3 or more atoms. They help keep our home warm,and are pretty much earths very own installation system. But Some say they keep us to warm, witch may be true, someday we may be like our sister planet, Venus.

There are five greenhouse gases

  • Carbon dioxide(CO2)
  • Nitrous oxide(N2O)
  • Methane(CH4)
  • Water vapor(H2O)
  • Chlorofluorocarbons.(CFC)

Okay... So then, what exactly is the green house effect?

The greenhouse effect is when UV rays enter earth atmosphere.(UV rays, also called Ultraviolet rays, is sun light.) Once UV enters some of it will exit as IR rays.(IR rays, Also known as Infrared rays,are a electromagnetic radiation that detects heat, we as humans can not see with just our eyes.) Some IR rays fly into space, but others hit one of the green house gases, and our trapped. Once trapped in a Greenhouse gas it is thrown back to earths atmosphere.

Then why are they good?

Because! Without them we would freeze. The Greenhouse gases are,as said earlier, are earth insulation. They keep us warm. If they weren't there the IR rays that tried to leave earth would just fly into space and just kinda... be gone.

So if Venus is our "Sister Planet" then why is it so hot and is not hospitable to life?


Venus has a lot more Greenhouse gases then we do, so more heat is being traped and released in Venus's atmosphere.

Will we ever be like Venus?

Maybe someday, if we are not careful with how much green house gases we produce. If produce enough then Earth will overheat. This is why people think we should get rid of all the Greenhouse gases. But really w should just reduce them and be more carfule


So in summery to much Greenhouse gases then earth will be to hot, no life on Earth. Not enough of them then earth is to cold, no life on earth. So we do need them but we cant have to much...