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MAY 2016

Welcome to the official monthly ICT newsletter. Due to positive feedback from my initial email about OneDrive, I have decided to use an interactive newsletter format to share my ideas with you all. I will try and focus on just a few things each month related to student, teacher and school technology.

Keeping you all tech savvy, sharing knowledge, and collaborating with others!

In this Edition

Office 365

Keeping to the original email, the focus of this newsletter is to look at apps included with our Office 365 education subscription. All of these apps can be accessed by selecting the 'Microsoft Office 365' button under the 'My Learning Tools' tab in your Staff Portal. Don't forget to add this to your 'My Essentials' bar for easy access and make sure you download free versions of the full Office 2016 suite to your personal devices.

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is a new app which can either be accessed using a web browser or via the iPad app. This is a tool for creating interactive presentations and can be accessed by both students and teachers. It is a cross between Publisher and PowerPoint and turns your pictures/text into a visual story in the form of an interactive webpage. Students in Stage 3 will be using Microsoft Sway to create a visual report/journey of what they have learned in HSIE this term.
What is Sway - Microsoft Sway Tutorials

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook application which syncs with the cloud (and all of your devices). You can use it to take notes, annotate your lessons, keep track of your days or even create student portfolios. I use it to store my lesson ideas while planning as it is easy to clip information from websites and other sources. Class Notebook is another option which allows you to create and share notebooks with your students.

More info and interactive lessons on OneNote for education can be found here: http://onenoteforteachers.com/

Welcome to the all-new OneNote

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution with these great features:

  • Version History: Right-click any file to retrieve an older version (yes it automatically backs up files and changes).
  • Unlimited Storage: The Department pays for the use of Office 365 and teachers currently have 1TB of storage (however I've heard it can be unlimited).
  • Work Online: You can use online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc just by clicking the file in your browser (Note these are stripped down versions of the full software packages).
  • Open in ...: Want access to the full version of Word or PowerPoint? Sure thing, just click the 'Open in' button. When you press save, it will automatically upload the latest version to the cloud!
  • Download: Don't want to work over the existing file, or maybe you would prefer to work offline? Just right-click and select download to have your own local copy saved.
  • Upload: Want to upload files easily? Just click and drag them into the browser version.
  • Sync your files: You can use the OneDrive sync client to automatically sync the folders to your computer (Please note: syncing doesn't work within the DoE environment so best to use on home computers only).
  • Mobile Access: Download the OneDrive mobile app on your favourite device to access them on-the-go. Be sure to grab the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps too for FREE so you can edit them too!
  • Shared Files: You can share a file or folder easily with people by right click and choosing 'Share'. You can create a Public Link (e.g. for sending homework to students) or choose to have DoE access only (you can even choose specific people to share with to ensure you files are safe - and choose to give 'full editing' or 'view only' privileges).
  • Work at Home: Download full versions of Office for Windows or Mac on up to 5 devices for FREE. Just access your Office 365 account via the portal and follow the links to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office on your home devices.

Tip of the Month

URL Shortening

Ever had to share a website link with a friend or colleague but found it to be too long? Use a URL shortener to send a smaller, more user-friendly link. Popular services include Goo.gl from Google and Bit.ly.

Even better, you can use Fur.ly to shorten a group of URL's which is handy to share with the students when you are trying to direct them to multiple sites for research or homework!

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