The Middle Ages

The Beliebers

Why Should we live in the Middle Ages?

1. You would always be healthy because they were always on diets and ate good foods. They ate light fruits and veggies like melons, grapes, and cherries. (Elliot 6).
2. If you worked for a king or queen, they would probably allow you to stay at their castle if you kept doing your job. Not only would you get protection, but you would also get some food that had not rotted over. By the way, if you were very good at your job, then the king or queen might allow you to live in the castle. (McDonald Bergin 1).
3. If you were a knight and you were defending a castle, it would be easier to defend it. It first does not decay as fast as wood does. The other good part about stone castles is that it is not as breakable as wood.( Murrell 17).
4. If you got to work on a farm or own a farm, you would be in luck. Bread was very important in the Middle Ages because it was hearty and it could fill anybody up if they needed to eat. It would also be nice because they could gather their vegetables to make a yummy salad! (Dawson 9).
5. If you lived next to an fruit orchard, then you could probably sneak over a bunch over fresh fruit that would be a lot healthier than a non- fresh food. But if you were somehow a farmer who owned the orchards, then all you had to do was just pick it and make it into a good snack or dessert.(Elliot 5).
6. The King would sometimes serve so many people feasts. He would give feasts to even peasants.( Internet)
7. The people who were a Lord, lady, marshall, or marchant you would be very wealthy. If you had a wealthy job you would usually live in the Castle.(McDonald 9).
8. If you were a knight, you would not only be a noble soul for trying, but if you won the war, people would adore you and believe that you could do anything. With a knight or more in your town, you would feel really secure. (Clare 7).
9. The King and Queen wouldn't have to worry about robbers cause they have a mote. (McDonald, Bergin 27).
10. The woman of the castles are more safe because the woman were supervised by the master Mason and his trusty assistant. (McDonald, Bergin 9).

Life in the Middle Ages