Principal's Corner #7

September 20, 2019

Our staff can really ROAR

  • To Kameron Riley, Your endless patience with the 3rd-5th grade ALP meetings! For days you've had back-to-back 30-minute meetings with parents and have strived to individualize and listen at each one. All of your late nights writing and updating students' Advanced Learning Plans will pay off!

From Sarah Campbell


  • Jackie, Lisa, Brooke, Jennifer, and Kelli for lending their time and computers to help their KG buddies complete the iReady.
  • Megan, Tiffany, Angela, Susan, and Jessica for their patience and perseverance with a persnickety iReady test.
  • Sarah Campbell for all of her hard work on NNAT3 and Iowa testing and parent communication.
  • Kori for taking the lead on 504s while I learn the process and await training.

From Alison Berner


  • To Darren, Pinki, Ann and Amy for making sure my class was covered when my sub didn't show up! I appreciate your willingness to help, even though it made our already-large classes even bigger!

From Kristina Layman


  • To Ken Martinez for spraying off the 2,3,4,&5th grade playground area where the Fun for Run Event was held. There were a lot of snow cone spills and many wasps. Thank you for all you do!

From Lori Matsumoto


  • To Chris Koerber for helping out with a challenging student and providing support to my entire class! Thank you so much for your dedication to students!
  • To Susan Stroeher for giving me a ride to school! Thanks neighbor! :-)
  • To Lori Matsumoto for spending hours at the paper cutter getting supplies ready for our 2nd grade learners.
  • To Dana Schwartz for always completing our copy jobs, even when there is a tight deadline.

From Natalie Morris


  • To Sarah Hammershaimb and Scott Rogers who always remember to bring in the cones after dismissal. THANK YOU.
  • To Kathy Jansen for taking a lead with MTSS/PST scheduling. Much appreciated.
  • To Sarah Campbell and Kameron Riley for their hard work as they complete ALP meetings. Their attention to detail is to be commended.
  • To Natalie Morris, Jodie Langstaff, Allison Leggieri, Megan McDermott, Lauren Alpert and Kori Shaiman for all the time and energy they have put into documentation and collaboration. Because of your commitment, we are able to meet a students needs.
  • To Melissa Adler for knowing just the right thing to say at just the right time.

From Katie Johnson


Conferences are coming soon. Please hold off on sending anything to our families. I am working with Darren and Matthew to get communication to you Friday.
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Literacy Notes from Lois

Many of you have asked about the resource icon that appears in certain IRLA levels and how the students are to access the resource. If you would like your students to use the resource independent of an IRLA conference, you will need to copy the link for the student to open on his/her own device/browser. There is no compiled list of the resources, as they are not static; they change as they are recommended to and vetted by the School Pace team.

Now that we have initial levels and Power Goals in place, we are ready to continue our work around the Balanced Literacy Framework and the Workshop Model. Please reach out for all things literacy-co-planning around the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards, forming small groups, co-teaching during your literacy block, phonics resources, literacy resources for mini-lessons, implementing the Foundational Toolkits (when they arrive) into your independent work time, progress monitoring using School Pace, looking at your literacy data, and anything else you may need. I love being in your classrooms and working with you and your students.

Book room update-the books that are on the shelves in the book room are now leveled according to IRLA color bands. The original labels are still on the books so that the DRA level can be referenced as well. The book room has a limited number of 1R and 2R books. The majority of the books are from the while, black, orange, and purple color bands.

We will continue to work together to design a checkout system that works for everyone. For now, please leave a sticky note on the basket with your name and the title of the books that you have checked out.

A helpful hint for our students that may be working in the higher color bands. The books at the higher color bands with appropriate content for our young readers are hard to find. Remember to use the Hook Books list which can be found in the IRLA resources folder in the COT shared drive. Another hint-pull the skills cards from the higher levels. For example, if you have a student reading in the bronze band, have the student choose a book from the purple band but work with the student on skills from the bronze skill cards.

From the Desk of Alison Berner

504 questions? Testing questions? Send them my way!

Kori and I are currently sharing the role of 504 coordinator until I officially complete training October 9th. If you have any questions around an existing 504 or a 504 we may need to create, please send those questions my way. If I don’t have the answers, I will reach out to the appropriate district contacts, but please filter things through me first.

The same goes for questions and needs regarding testing. I am the school’s testing coordinator. Please send all of your questions my way, and I will reach out to others at the district level to get answers, if necessary.


Included is also a possible professional practice goal (PPG); I encourage you to review your self evaluation and determine a PPG that works for you and your growth as an educator.

Summer Inside/Out Program

Hello CCSD Certified Staff,

The Office of Gifted & Talented Services is seeking teachers with innovative instructional skills for the Summer Inside/Out Program.

Inside Out offers a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and effective communication skills that is different than the regular school day experiences. Combined, the four C’s empower students to become one-person think tanks.

Inside Out offers classes with options for half-day or full-day for one, two or three weeks during June 1-5, June 8-12, and June 15-19.

Please use the link below to submit a separate Instructor Proposal Form for each course you will be teaching.

Completed proposals must be submitted by 4:00 pm on November 25th, 2019 (this is a hard deadline). Teachers will be notified of course approvals by December 18th.

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Preskorn at or 720.886.7019.

Jennifer Preskorn

Cherry Creek School District

Project Coordinator

Student Achievement Resource Center (SARC)

14188 E. Briarwood Ave.

Centennial, CO 80112


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Monday, September 30: Katie Out in the AM, Solution Based Leadership

Monday, September 30: Fire Drill (1:20)

Tuesday, October 1: Para Educator Meeting 9:45

Wednesday, October 2: OCTOBER COUNT

Wednesday, October 2: Staff Meeting (Sungate, Future Forward)

Friday, October 4: Katie Out in the AM

Friday, October 4: Cottonwood Creek Carnival - Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 7: Katie out all day

Tuesday, October 8: Katie out all day

Wednesday, October 9: Shelter in Place Drill 9:15

Wednesday, October 9: PAC

Thursday, October 10: Balloon Launch AM - more information to come

Thursday, October 10: Picture ReTakes


Thursday, October 10: 3:41 Debriefing Peakview Brewing Company

Thursday, October 10: 6:00 COT PASS Meeting

Friday, October 11: Kids Caring Cart - Orange Paw Challenge Winners

Monday, October 14-18: FALL BREAK

Cottonwood Creek Elementary School