Henry Ford

by: Colin Dooley

About me (biography)

When I was little I lived on a farm and unlike my farther I was very into engineering. My dad was a farmer, he wanted me to be one too, but I had to take risks and leave the farm in 1879. I went to be an apprentice at the Michigan car Company. After i married Clara Bryant and we had our son we started to rent a house in Detroit. One day I was working in my shed, and created the Quadricycle and drove in down the street. Then I form the Detroit Automobile company. Over the next several years, I will have a number of financial backers, who eventually who eventually improve and update my models.

The impact I left

I left quit the impact, I showed people that not all cars do not have to be pricey. Also that if you really, truly stick to what you want to do with your life it is possible. I started as a little farm boy and ended up as a huge money maker that cared for people, and to give them a car that an average person could buy.
Henry Ford Biography


What Model did I make that the average american could buy?