Review of LD Organizations

Sara Hayes

Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD)

This organization is geared towards educators and professionals. CLD produces two journals, Learning Disability Quarterly and Intervention in School and Clinic. CLD members will receive each journal as well as access to the LD Forum which keeps up with current issues. CLD members also benefit from access to professional development, leadership academies, a chance to network with other professionals, and advocacy opportunities. This organization also stays abreast of issues arising within legislation. While this organization does not provide membership to parents, they are an advocacy group for individuals and families impacted by learning disabilities. Many of the resources on this site are only available to members, but I was able to access the Infosheets. I chose to download an Infosheet about Assitive Technology to utilize as a resource. You will find an online version of this document on the link directly below.

Division of Learning Disabilities (DLD)

DLD is a division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Members have access to their journal, Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, and their newsletter, New Times for DLD. Members also can view members only content on the website and they receive the Current Practice Alerts. In order to join DLD, you must also join the CEC. Besides producing quality literature and research, DLD also advocates and presents conferences related to learning disabilities. Parents may benefit from reviewing the "Basics of LD" section and may find a few useful articles in the "Resources" section. However, just like the CLD, this organization is directed at educators, researchers, and other professionals in the field. Also similar to the CLD website, much of the resources are limited to members only, but I found an article about graphic organizers to add to my files. You will find the link to the online version attached.

TeachingLD Blog is a unique feature for members of DLD. Click the title (BLOG ABOUT IT) to link to the page

Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

Of the three organizations I explored, the LDA is the only one that is geared towards parents and adults with Learning Disabilities as well as educators and other professionals. LDA offers membership to both parents and professionals. Membership benefits include access to the monthly newsletter, LDA Today, discounts on subscription to Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, and liability insurance. Members also receive discounts to conferences and legislative updates. Some resources are available without membership, such as the "Guides and Booklets" section. Most of these publications are for parents but some are relevant to educators too. I have downloaded the "Parent's Guide to RTI" as a resource. You will find the electronic version just below.
Click the title above to link to the "Ask the Expert" feature on the LDA website. This feature is available to anyone. The DLD website also has this feature, but it is only available to members. Parents and educators may find this feature helpful.