Marcus Garvey and McGarveyism

Nathan Reedy

Five Facts

1. Born on August 17, 1887, in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

2.Became a leader in the black nationalist movement by applying the economic ideas of Pan-Africanists

3.After arriving in New York in 1916, he founded the Negro World newspaper,

4.He spent two years in prison before being deported to Jamaica, and later died in London.

5.He died on June 10th, 1940


An aspect of Black Nationalism which refers to the social, economic and political policies of UNIA-ACL founder Marcus Garvey.

Five fun facts

    1..He Launched the Largest Black Economic Development Campaign
    2.Founded Largest Black Media Empire to Date
    3.He Inspired Every Black Freedom Fighter of The 20th Century
    4.Marcus Garvey’s work and philosophy has been so transformational, that it is directly responsible for many African nations’
    5.Marcus Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association



Marcus Garvey was a very impactful man who is the founder of the UNIA and McGarveyism. These Pictures just help show who Marcus Garvey was as a person and help us see what his message was

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