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October 25, 2019 - Week 11

WMS Halloween Guidelines

This year at WMS we are going to allow costumes on Halloween (Thursday, October 31). Here are our guidelines:

  • If you are going to wear a costume, I also expect that you have come to school ready to learn on Halloween.

  • All costuming must happen at home. That includes any hair or make-up.

  • With make-up, we need to be able to know who you are-no full face make-up.

  • The costume must be school appropriate.

  • There are no masks or inflatable costumes allowed.

  • There can be nothing that you carry around that is extra. (ie. props, fake weapons, scythes, clubs, dolls, etc.)

  • Teachers are expected to teach that day, though they may have Halloween themed lessons.

  • There will be no Halloween parties. Or candy. Or other treats. Because you will get enough junk at night if you trick or treat.

  • After Halloween, you can only bring a couple of pieces of candy per day. If you bring more, I will get it and eat it. And I don't need any more candy. And throw away your wrappers in the garbage, please.

On October 31, in the afternoon, we will also be having a speaker, Josh Ochs, who will be talking about digital media.


Mr. Loversky

Staying Informed about WMS Activities

There are two ways to stay informed about all of the happenings here at WMS:

  1. Our Friday Forecast has bigger topics. All parents get this weekly on Friday.
  2. Our Daily Announcements have more day to day operational announcements: auditions, club dates, tryouts, etc. You must sign-up to get Daily Announcements on the bottom of the WMS Website. You will get announcements on Mondays, but you will need to check this Google doc each day to see what has changed. It is a "living" document and helps reduce the number of emails you receive.
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RedHawk Spotlight

Do you have a student you would like us to
highlight in our RedHawk Spotlight?
Please email their story and a couple of photos
to Tim Loversky for consideration.

Our first student in the RedHawk Spotlight is featured below!

RedHawk Andrew Williams Named Young Marine of The Year - Congratulations!

The Young Marines program can pay honor to a Young Marine in recognition of their outstanding participation, contribution, and personal achievement. A commanded element board takes into consideration the Young Marine's overall maturity, poise and confidence, accomplishment and achievements – in and outside the Young Marines program - proven leadership skills, and ability to speak in front of groups about the Young Marines program,as well as 12 months of Drug Demand Reduction classes, passing at least 2 physical fitness tests,outstanding attendance, outstanding conduct and passes all inspections. Andrew wrote his essay and read it before the commanded element board and was then asked a series of questions. Andrew was also recognized for attending Junior Leadership Camp over the summer and being awarded the Most Improved Young Marine. During this camp he also completed an extreme fitness challenge that only 16 out of 60 were able to complete, earning a division 5 YM challenge coin. Andrew is 3rd in command of The Fox Valley Young Marines and continues to improve, work hard and do great things.

The Young Marines are a National non-profit, 501c3, youth organization for boys and girls ages 8 to 18. Our motto is: Strengthening the Lives of America's Youth". All our Young Marines promote and live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping our community, supporting our veteran's and being positive role models. While we are not a recruiting tool for the Marine Corp, they do support us because of our anti-drug efforts. Our volunteers help teach our youth valuable life skills, discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Fox Valley Young Marines is located in Elgin and we are always seeking civic-minded youths to join our elite program.

Shoeboxes Wanted!

The Spanish B PLC/students are in need of shoeboxes for a cultural project that we will be working on in the first week of November. Please drop off shoeboxes in the FL Office located in the LRC.

Lock Replacement Policy:

We have had several kids come down because their locks have stopped working. A few have just failed, but some locks that we are getting are beat-up and dented. We did a “drop test” dropping one lock about 20 times onto the tile floor and it had one small dent. That means that some kids are really hard on their locks. So, we will replace locks that just fail- in other words, they are in good shape but just stop working. For locks that are beat-up, students will need to pay the $5 lock replacement fee.
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Sign‐up for Parent Teacher Conferences starts October 15th at 7:00 am and will close November 20th at midnight.

FIRST login to your HAC (HOME ACCESS CENTER) Account

  • Click on the LINK BELOW to access the complete directions in a step by step format.
Wredling Activity Calendar

We are still adding dates!

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AVID Career Presentations

Our AVID class is looking for volunteers to come and present to our 7th and 8th grade AVID elective classes on Fridays. If you are interested in coming to share your career experience with our students, please complete the form linked below. We are looking forward to sharing your expertise with our students.

Find a club to join!

SEL - Social Emotional Learning

We will regularly feature our Social Emotional Learning information in our Friday Forecast.

Inside the "tweener’s" brain

What insights can neuroscience offer parents about the mind of a middle schooler?

“The tweens and early teens of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade are often hormone-addled, pimpled, unpredictable narcissists, rudely defiant one second and emotionally clingy the next. They’ve probably calculated that you’re not as completely cool as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Stephen Curry, or even their faddishly-dressed BFF — and they let you know it. You may wonder if your precious child’s body is inhabited by aliens…”

Read more about your middle schooler and tool in your toolbox to provide support.

Article link here.

Practical ideas and strategies for Parents’ Emotional Toolbox

From YALE Center for Emotional Intelligence

Wredling PTO Website

Pay your dues or sign up to volunteer

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Veterans Day Recogntion

Builders Club would like to decorate the main foyer of Wredling Middle School honoring our Veterans. Please fill out the following form to help us identify and honor your Veteran. We are cutting out stars and putting the name of your Veteran, Military Branch and Years Served on the star. Thank you for joining us in honoring those who have served.


Sign Up for Parent University

October 30, 2019

Digital Citizenship
Thompson Middle School Cafeteria
6:30-8:00 p.m.


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Community Events & Information

CTE Presents The Legend of Hercules

The Greek myth comes to life in an all-new way in this original CTE production! With lyrics and script written solely for CTE performances, this is an experience you won’t find elsewhere. All your favorite characters – Zeus, Hercules, Pandora – are here, and take the stage with adapted lyrics to some of today’s hit music! See the flyer below for details.
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