Words of Wellness

a Leeward CC Wellness Committee Newsletter

CSA Workshop - Community Supported Agriculture

Theater assistant manager Lehua Simon and Head Librarian Chris Matz and his wife demonstrated on

Feb. 25 how to use some of the fruits and vegetables that arrive in a weekly box from Oahu Fresh!

“Fantastic” was the word participants used about the zucchini bread, kale chips, and citrus juices. “The

workshop helped to motivate me in cooking with other kinds of vegetables,” one participant wrote.

Several people realized that they can split a box a week, giving them the wide variety of seasonal

produce with the knowledge that they can use everything up before the next delivery arrives. Recipes

are available at _______________________.

Sign Ups for Tread for Bread will be next Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday from 11am-1pm in front of the Uluwehi Cafeteria. See you there!!!

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