Redeemer Kids


Hey Matt, Katie, Clint, Rachel, and Lucy

This is just a quick reminder that you are scheduled to teach this next Sunday, February 14th. Below are links to your respective folders so that you can print off the Lesson and look over the Bible story from the Gospel Story Bible.

This week we will be on Lesson 25 continuing in the story of Joseph and see the culmination of God's plan. We see that the Lord has brought Joseph through trials and raised him up to provide for Israel during the great famine. Don't miss the great importance of this story. If not for the Lord using Joseph, the nation of Israel and the Messianic line would certainly have died during this great famine. The key point is God's promise is preserved in drought and sin.

Take some time this week to look over the lesson and activities. Figure out what the story means and how it applies to your own life. Then begin to think about how it applies to the kids in your class.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I'm praying for you this week. I'm grateful for each of you.