Oct. 5-9

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Events:

* No school for students on Monday


* Conferences are done!

* But contact me at any point, if you have questions/concerns

* Keep asking your child to be the main contact for anything homework-related

* Don't forget, my office hours are 8-8:15, on M, W, F for kids. Great time for students to bring in math (or other) questions to get help

Questions to Ask:

* Pencils are packed in groups of 8. Erasers are packed in sets of 10. If Ms. Sacket wants to buy enough pencils and erasers so she has one pencil per eraser (matched sets), how many of each item does she need to purchase? How many packs of pencils? How many sets of erasers? (You child should be able to determine that this is a least common multiple question. The LCM of 8 and 10 is 40. So I would need to purchase 40 pencils and 40 erasers to have matched sets. Because pencils are packed in groups of 8, I need to buy 5 packs--8 pencils * 5 groups = 40 pencils. Erasers come in sets of 10, so 10 erasers * 4 sets = 40 erasers.)

* What is "NOID"--(Number One in Disguise) and what is an example? (5/5 or any similar fraction that simplifies to 1 is an example)

* How did the "Writing Lab" go? Who was in your group? How did your paragraph about Kimba get better? (you might ask to see the Google Doc. We are still working on them, but they don't need parent help at this point).

* Did you try the math challenge?

* History: What can you tell me about how the Sumerians built their houses? Their cities? (Answers: Made of mud bricks, no trees/ Cities were surrounded by walls and streets were narrow and windy- not on a grid)

* Science: Name one example of gravitational, elastic, and chemical energy. (Sample answers: Gravitational- rock above car, water in an elevated storage tank; Elastic- rubber band, spring, bungee; Chemical- food and fossil fuels.)