The RSI Newsletter

Student interviews


The old man was riding his bicycle down the street, and looked through his binoculars

and saw that there was an antitoxin in the bush at his neighbor's house. They were

semisweet chocolate chips to cure his sweet tooth. He walked over to the box and

grabbed it with his prosthetic hand. There was a large symbol with a tricycle on it, that

looked almost as if it had a distorted face on it. He opened the box with confidence and

ate nonstop until he had extraordinarily gained fifty pounds. He started yelling out

synonyms and ran into a wall. He knew that he had made a mistake when he looked up

to see an extraterrestrial staring down at him from his distracting green face. Then the

old man did a dance move combo that stunned the alien so much that he exploded.

Green triangles demolished the area because of the explosion. The old man ran back

home, covered in gooey green slime. He nonchalantly strolled to his house, and decided

to take a nap at an old moss tree. It was to his misfortune that the tree fell down and

pinched his pinky toe toenail. He whined for a little bit, but got over it after a while. He

thought that it would be fun to play trivia on his phone, but he was wrong because he

got every question wrong. After a little bit, he finally arrived at his house, but he wasn't

in luck because he was abducted by aliens soon after, and was never heard of again.